SAT 06/01 PartRaw

SAT 06/01 PartRaw

Partraw, a talented musician from Mombasa, Kenya, has made a name for himself in the Pop music genre. He effortlessly bridges the gap between mainstream Pop and its subgenres with his infectious melodies and memorable hooks, producing a sound that is both recognizable and original.

Partraw draws his musical inspiration from a wide range of genres, and he fills his work with a vivid energy that connects with listeners. His skill as a singer and songwriter is evident in his capacity to combine engaging beats with sympathetic words. Fans are sure to connect with his music’s expressive tone, which evokes a variety of emotions from happiness to nostalgia.

Partraw stands out among his contemporaries thanks to his distinctive vocal style and engaging stage presence. His performances reach new heights because of his capacity to engage his audience deeply. Partraw’s skill shines through whether he is singing passionate ballads or delivering anthems, establishing a lasting impression on the Pop music scene.

Date: Saturday 06/01/2024

Time: 6pm-9pm

Entry: 300ksh in advance, 400 on the door.







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